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My amateur photography, largely taken of my local area, drawn from only an iPhone 7 and carefully selected Instagram filters. All of the fun, none of the tech!

Summer 2017

Summer’s here again, and that means being bombarded with sunny flowery photos. You’re welcome.

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Renfrewshire / Glasgow

Again another significant location jump, but thanks to friends and family in the area, I’ve been able to begin to explore some of this fascinating part of Scotland.

Welwyn Garden City

It’s a bit of a jump from my usual area, but Welwyn Garden City is where I was born, and where I lived until 2010. I still visit my family there periodically, and when I can take pictures of this

Hoylake / West Kirby

The opposite corner of the Wirral has more in common with Cheshire than Merseyside, but that just makes it all the more interesting to witness.

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It gets a bad rap for many reasons, but there are parts of Birkenhead that are older and grander than most of the surrounding areas. I haven’t explored it as much as I would like, but here is


From time to time I make the trip to Liverpool’s rival city, and it’s always an interesting experience (if it doesn’t rain).

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This popular seaside town was just begging to be visited.

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Port Sunlight

Only a small album, but hard to lump in with any other location. Port Sunlight is an incredibly unique place, and I urge anyone to visit.

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Neston / Parkgate

Although I strongly disliked its appalling lack of phone signal, there’s plenty of picturesque charm to Neston and Parkgate that demanded to be photographed.

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It’s one of my favourite cities on Earth, and the photos below are a significant reason why.

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